Many Americans are working hard every day and still struggle to support their families. One single unplanned expense can send their finances crashing. In fact, one-quarter of Americans, or about 55 million people, said they have no money saved in an emergency fund.

Californians are being hit hard with wildfires spreading in parts all over the state. The biggest wildfire this year, the Kincade Fire, has already burned over 75,000 acres and continues to move toward Santa Rosa as it is only 30% contained.

A statewide emergency has been declared as the wildfire continues to spread and power blackouts by Pacific Gas & Electric are affecting hundreds of thousands of residents and businesses.

When to Contact an Attorney

You should contact an attorney if you have been affected by the wildfires and incurred any loss. This can be damage or loss of property, lost wages, evacuation expenses, or tragically an injury or death.

Why You Should Contact an Attorney

Contacting an attorney means you can make sure your rights are protected and you may be able to receive financial compensation for your losses. Wildfire Recovery Attorneys have represented thousands of plaintiffs affected by wildfires and work hard to hold companies accountable for their negligence that caused the raging wildfires. Potential lawsuits can be filed for structural damage to your home or business, emotional distress, lost wages, evacuation expenses, and other damages not covered by insurance.

Contact Wildfire Recovery Attorneys

Known collectively as Wildfire Recovery Attorneys, Baron & Budd and Dixon Diab & Chambers LLP are nationally-recognized attorneys that teamed up to help those affected by these tragic wildfires. These firms have extensive experience in representing families, businesses and other entities that suffered losses in previous wildfires having been appointed by the California Courts to lead previous lawsuits against utility companies. If you have been affected by the Kincade Fire, please contact us online or at 707-504-3829.