Despite unfavorable weather conditions, firefighters have continued to contain the Kincade Fire that is burning in California. The fire has spread across more than 76,000 acres and destroyed hundreds of structures. Even though firefighters are making progress, the fire is still wreaking havoc on the state.

A proactive, mandatory evacuation of thousands of people has kept many out of harm’s way and thankfully there have not been any reported deaths. However, the mandatory and sudden evacuations have left many individuals unable to work and missing out on wages that would be essential during this time of emergency. Residents and business owners in the area are emotionally drained from the uncertainty that comes with suddenly leaving their properties and having to find somewhere safe to go.

The cause of the Kincade Fire is under investigation, but PG&E may be responsible. Those affected by the Kincade Fire should start seeking claim assistance now. Many people believe their insurance will cover the damages or losses from this type of event, but often time’s insurance does not provide adequate reimbursement to cover a total rebuild or other costs related to fire damages and evacuation.

Wildfire Recovery Attorneys have filed hundreds of cases on behalf of those impacted by wildfires. We are ready to help ease your loss and get your life back on track. We hold companies accountable for their negligence and we work hard to get you financial compensation for your losses. Contacting an attorney is critical during this time and we can help.

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Known collectively as Wildfire Recovery Attorneys, Baron & Budd and Dixon Diab & Chambers LLP are nationally-recognized attorneys that teamed up to help those affected by these tragic wildfires. These firms have extensive experience in representing families, businesses and other entities that suffered losses in previous wildfires having been appointed by the California Courts to lead previous lawsuits against utility companies. If you have been affected by the Kincade Fire, please contact us online or at 707-504-3829.