Firefighters in California are battling raging wildfires and extreme weather conditions. Containing wildfires under normal weather conditions is a challenge, but California is experiencing historic high winds in the coming days.

The extremely high winds can create damage on their own causing trees to go down, power lines to fall, and structures to collapse. However, the high winds also make the raging wildfires across the state of California impossible to control.

The Kincade Fire has forced nearly 200,000 people to evacuate and has spread to more than 75,000 acres with only 30% of the fire contained. The governor of California has declared a statewide emergency because of the wildfires and the wave of power blackouts ordered by Pacific Gas and Electric.

Residents and business owners are stressed about the loss of property, sudden mandatory evacuations, and lengthy power blackouts. With 124 structures already destroyed and over 90,000 structures being threatened, thousands of individuals have been affected by the Kincade Fire, which has been labeled the biggest fire of the year. Thankfully no loss of life has been reported, but the fire and power outages have created a difficult situation for many people who have been evacuated from their homes or have been losing wages without a way to work.

After a tragedy like this strikes, many individuals find that they are not properly insured. Even those with insurance may not be able to cover all of the losses they incur during a devastating event like a wildfire. However, Wildfire Recovery Attorneys have represented thousands of plaintiffs affected by wildfires and can help recover losses not covered by insurance or government assistance.

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Known collectively as Wildfire Recovery Attorneys, Baron & Budd and Dixon Diab & Chambers LLP are nationally-recognized attorneys that teamed up to help those affected by these tragic wildfires. These firms have extensive experience in representing families, businesses and other entities that suffered losses in previous wildfires having been appointed by the California Courts to lead previous lawsuits against utility companies. If you have been affected by the Kincade Fire, please contact us online or at 707-504-3829.