The Camp Fire has consumed over 138,000 acres and killed or hurt many people in California. If the Camp Fire in Butte County has affected you or a loved one, Wildfire Recovery Attorneys may be able to help.


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Fires, like the Camp Fire in Butte County, travel rapidly causing considerable damage to property and the surrounding environment and tragically hurt or kill people and wildlife.

In some cases, certain parties are determined responsible for the fires. Wildfire Recovery Attorneys currently represent thousands of plaintiffs who sustained injuries or incur damages as a result of the fires in lawsuits against the responsible parties. Contact us to learn more.

Couple's home destroyed by wildfire.
“It is heartbreaking and maddening to see once again communities throughout Northern California reduced to piles of ash and burning embers as a result of a catastrophic fire.”

– Attorney John Fiske

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What you need to know after surviving the fire

Many people believe that they are adequately insured; however, when tragedy strikes, they learn they are not. Unfortunately, many policies do not provide adequate coverage to help homeowners, renters and business owners recover their losses. The responsible party for Camp Fire can still be accountable for your damages, even if you did not have insurance.

Wildfire Recovery Attorneys

Known collectively as Wildfire Recovery Attorneys, Baron & Budd and Dixon Diab & Chambers LLP are nationally-recognized attorneys that teamed up to help those affected by these tragic wildfires. These firms have extensive experience in representing families, businesses and other entities that suffered losses in previous wildfires having been appointed by the California Courts to lead previous lawsuits against utility companies.